Customers We Serve

  • Government and Public Safety

    Government and Public Safety

    Collaboratively develop community-based broadband and technology programs with towns, cities, counties, regions, and states to enhance economic development, education, healthcare, and public safety initiatives.

  • Utility Worker

    Utilities and CLECS

    Extensive experience from design to oversight.

    We handle make-ready management, path and permitting, managing the exhibit process, fulfilling ROW requirements, and all other aspects of network design.

    We’re versed in the normal strand and lash, underground, ADSS, GPON, FTTx, fixed wireless, and other telecommunications technologies.

  • Electric Bulb

    Electric Co-Ops

    Many co-ops are interested in partnering with service providers to use excess bandwidth on their internal networks or provide broadband service themselves.

    We have proven success in the design and development of these initiatives.

  • Education

    Educational Institutions

    Over 20 years of experience providing technology, security, network integration, and broadband services to k-12 and higher education clients.

    We specialize in developing funding strategies for capital projects and broadband services.

    We engage with Federal and State agencies to secure the funding and obtain approvals.

  • Corporation and Enterprise

    Corporate and Enterprise

    Experience in the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and utility industries developing sensible customer-focused solutions.

    Augment your team with additional expertise or consider outsourcing project development and management.

    We have the services and support to seamlessly integrate with your business

  • Architect and Engineer

    Architectural and Engineering

    Assist with planning, cost estimation, design, and construction administration services related to technology and security capital projects.

    We have successfully worked with architectural, engineering, and construction management firms across the US.

    We even have experience with state education financing, NYS Smart Schools, and USF E-rate programs to fund educational technologies.